Author: The Prop Journalist

I'm a video editor and aspiring trader combining my passions with research to create quality content that informs. In an industry that's infamous for fake gurus and scams, I want to provide independent and reliable content that you can trust. So that you can spend your money, or save it, knowing the whole picture.

This new prop firm has just made passing challenges and getting funded much easier. It has completely removed its time limits from both phases of its challenge. This is a massive step above most firms like FTMO that offer just 30 and 60 days. Smart Prop Trader claims to have the best spreads and commissions in the industry, with low profit targets too. But is it as good as it first seems? In this review I’ll compare Smart Prop Trader to other prop firm competition, so you can decide if it’s right for you. Smart Prop Trader Discount Code If…

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